TrUST has two main inter/trans-disciplinary (ITD) research tracks:


ITD Research track aims to explore how urban research labs are currently working on sustainability transition via an ITD approach.


Semi-structured interviews within the member of the TrUST platform all over the world


Analaysed by TRuST experts to scout barriers and triggers to ITD effective environments.


Periodic report will be published online


ITD Education aims to bring people together who are interested in improving their ITD perspectives, and who are recently been involved in eU-funded projects on issues relating the transformative education towards a global citizenship concept


An international ITD workshop will be hosted by TrUST on the 17 and 18 February in synergy with the H2020 EU funded project SHAPE-ID .


Analyse ITD educational models & approaches that support sustainable urban transformation, as research addressing SDG 4 and SDG 11


There will be a writing workshop where selected participants will be contributors of a practical toolbox for developing the taxonomy of arts, social science and humanities (ASSH) integration modalities, to apply academic rigour to approaches to enhance ITD integration.


To discover innovative methods and tools that assure effective integration of the ITD educational practices into the concrete realisation of SDGs by all actors of an urban transformation.


To define methods and tools that support transformative educational practices, to metabolise the concept of sustainability.


To build and maintain a network of stakeholder contacts to ensure the efficient transfer of ITD knowledge across TrUST and SHAPe-ID members.